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IntroductionJoyce Tang Siam ChengProducer, INXO Arts Fund | Executive Director, INXO Foundation

The Malaysian culture and arts scene comprises artist groups of diverse interests and focuses; each with their own set of ideals and struggles. The path is lined with myriad obstacles and deterrents, erecting a psychological wall of barrier to any would-be aspirants and a monumental challenge to national development of cultures and arts.

INXO aims to become Malaysia’s premier culture and arts development platform, thus INXO Arts Fund – A Funding Project for Cultural & Arts Creation aspires to be the launch pad to accelerate broader artistic participation among new, young artistic talents in the region and to elevate artistic practice and production standards for advanced professional development. INXO Arts Fund serves as an enabler and multiplier of cultural and arts development for the young generation and provides in addition to funding, conceptual and technical guidance, support and resources.

We look forward to your joining hands with us to discover and unleash the torrents of cultural and artistic uniqueness and diversity with which our country is so richly endowed. Let Malaysia arts flourish and blossom.

OBJECTIVESFostering Aspirations, Cultivating Creations

To foster cultural & arts talents and support realization of arts aspirations among the young.

Inculcation Capacities, Enhancing Value

To cultivate capacities for creativity and production, and to enhance creative value in the marketplace.


Ten(10) Proposals

Funding & Resources

  • Cash Funding: RM3,000 to RM10,000 each Proposal
  • Mentoring Resources: Technical guidance, counseling, crowd funding tutorage, lecture series and final exhibition etc.


  • Malaysian citizens of 18-35 years of age as of 2019.
  • All proposal are required to depict cultural or arts themes. No restriction on form or style except handicrafts, which must take the form of a physical object.

JUDGING& SELECTIONStage 1 – Proposal Evaluation


30 Proposals will be preliminarily selected from all qualified entries

Selection Criteria

  • Originality & Creativity
  • Cultural & Artistic Value

Stage 2 – Interview


30 preliminarily selected proposals to undergo mentor-ship and interview, out of which 10 will be selected as final funding recipients

Selection Criteria

  • Personal Attributes
  • Narrative, Contemplation & Enforceability


 15th, June 2019, 5pm  Application Form & Proposal submission closing date.
 Second half, June 2019  Announcement of 30 preliminarily selected Proposals and to undergo mentor-ship and interview.
 Second half, July 2019  Announcement of 10 final final recipients*.
 August To October  Fund Release and Commencement of mentoring process*
 Mid October 2019  Final Exhibition

Only selected Proposals in preliminary and final funding recipients will be published on INXO website as well as being notified via emails.

* Compulsory participation for the final funding recipients.

Refer to INXO website for updates.


Applicants shall download Application Form from INXO website. Applications may be submitted in English, the Malay Language or Chinese. When an application is made in a language other than English, a brief explanatory note in English is compulsory.

All submissions must be original works and are required to depict cultural or arts themes.

Applicants are allowed to submit multiple entries; however only one proposal shall be eligible and qualified for final funding.

The decisions of the Judging Committee shall be final.

The copyright of the proposal belongs to applicants.

The final funded recipients are compulsory to participate and showcase their works at the Exhibition.

The final funding recipients should have completed his/her works within 12 months starting from agreement signing day.

The Organizer reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, modify or alter funding arrangement or any aspects of the Project without prior notice.

The Organizer shall be the only and final authority in respect of all information & details relating to the Project. In the event of doubts, information as contained in the website (http://inxo.org.my) shall be deemed the full and final version. If there is other matter, the organizer shall handle it in accordance with relevant regulations and announce it on the website.


  • Traditional Arts
  • Creative Arts/ Crafts
  • Modern/Contemporary Arts
  • History & Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Audio-Visual/ Dramatic Arts

B. Mediums & Categories

  • Handicrafts
  • Audio-Visual Productions (Lyrics, Musicals, Documentaries, Drama)
  • Literature & Authorships (Literary Arts & Art History, Pictorials & Drawings, Photography)
  • Community/Environment-centric Cultural & Artistic Projects (Public services, Community Care, Environmental Transformation etc)
  • Live Performances (Drama, Performances, Dances)
  • Others (Within artistic scope as defined by the Organizer)


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